The Mystic Jungpana – Journey to the Sky Island!

A trip to Jungpana is like a journey to the sky island – far removed from the madding civilization. It’s a pandoraic state – through mule tracks; across wooden bridges and up past a flight of 638 stairs cut from the mountain side, the virgin tea estate looms large.

Sunlight Shining Through Forest Nagano-ken, Japan

The tea estate of Jungpana was originally planted by a British gentleman Mr. Henry Montgomery Lenox in 1899. From him the estate passed to Scotland based Duncan Brothers and then to several others. The last owners were the Ranas of Nepal and from them it passed on to the Kejriwal family.

The natural beauty of the place bespeaks the quality of tea Jungpana supplies round the world. Surrounded by waterfalls and garrulous water bodies, this place is ideal for tea growing.

Early spring, the time of the first flush sees the tea gardens basking in gentle sunlight, while in monsoon the hills stand gloomy and tearful with gossamer curtains nourishing the roots of second flush.  These natural conditions make soil especially fertile which augments the fact of Jungpana being such a stately producer of the finest tea types, Darjeeling, East India.

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