Components Of English High Tea

The English high tea is mainly the afternoon tea mostly around 3 or 4 o’clock. English ladies and lords sitting in relaxing armchairs and enjoying their tea break simply sound great. But tea alone cannot satiate the mind, so the tea has to have the pleasure of other food items. The components of English afternoon tea are a pot of tea with a selection of various food items for garnishing.

A wholesome meal: This was the meal created mainly by the British working class. It used to be eaten with heavy food items like bread, sandwiches, various pickled items, cheese, meat pies and crackers. These items enhance the flavour and aroma of tea by giving it a zesty feel.

Here are some delicious English high tea components:


Scones: Scones are always easy to make. They are delicious and super yummy. They are ideal for teaming up with high tea as scones are irresistible. Scones are best when they are served hot and fresh. While eating scones, split them open and pour thick cream and homemade jam or lemon curd. Among scones; apricot and white chocolate scones, coconut scones, cherry scones, honey ginger scones, lavender scones and pumpkin spice drop scones are quite popular.


Sandwiches: The high tea can be a fuller meal with sandwiches. Together, they simply rock. But there are some tips to follow. Make the sandwiches small in size. They should be thinly sliced; use brown bread or close-textured white bread. For the fillings, you can make anchovy paste, smoked salmon, ham or chopped egg in advance. For small gatherings, three varieties are enough; for large ones, at least five are required.


Pastries: Pastries are always very popular with the high tea. Cakes, cookies, brownies and fruit tarts are yummy and give the whole meal a perfect balance. Here are some food items that you can make at home. There is pumpkin roll which is a cream cheese recipe. Then, Butter horns are frosted pastries rolled into crescent shapes. Cheese cakes are simply delightful. Cherry nuggets are cookies topped with cherries. These nuggets ate rolled with nuts inside.

Try these recipes to spice up your afternoon high tea. This will increase its charm and vivacity and bring a smile on your face.


Tasty Nicknacks With Tea

Your whole day is completely empty without your morning or evening tea. After leaving the bed, you inevitably desire a cup of hot tea. The tea relaxes the whole body and enlivens the drowsy spirits. When you come back from the day’s hectic office work, the hot beverage relaxes your mind. But tea with snacks definitely makes a wholesome meal. In India there are some yummy food items that can be paired up with tea very well. Every region of India: East, West, North or South, has its own range of traditional savouries which can be served with tea. Here are some of them:


Palakayalu: This traditional savoury is easy to make at home. Also, this has an advantage that while making them children get truly excited. Homemade Palakayalu has a nice flavour and freshness which everybody, especially children love. This crispy, dry and rice based dish is very popular in Andhra. They can be made both spicy and sweet. Palakayalu is a great accompaniment with hot tea; when there are guests at home, plates full of Palakayalu teaming up with tea can be delightful and joyous.


Samosa: Who can resist samosas with hot tea? This snack accompanied with tea on a rainy day is a hot favourite. Be it a heavy downpour or a drizzle, all of us simply want to refrain from our work and sit by the window-sill to have a cup of tea with samosas. Be it chicken samosa, corn samosa or potato samosa; tea makes the combination simply mouth watering. On any occasion or get-together, this delicious combination is a must.


Namak Pare: This popular savoury snack is a north Indian dish. These are ribbon- looking strips made from whole wheat flour or refined wheat flour. This crunchy snack is a must with tea. Try this!

Make your tea time yummier with these dishes and add some zest and spice to your workday!

Jungpana’s New Venture: Special T Collaborated With Nestle

The name Jungpana says it all while representing high quality and classiness. Situated atop of the Himalayan foot hills and surrounded by pristine beauty, the sprawling tea estate has been producing some of the best teas since 1899. But why choose Jungpana? Well, the answer is that the mesmerizing aroma and scintillating flavour of the brand is simply unrivaled. The soothing smoothness and divine quality is what Jungpana boasts. Amidst the rainy and cloudy surroundings, Jungpana tea estate nestles in the lap of charming Himalayan beauty at altitudes ranging from 3,000 to 4,500 ft. Wrapped in dense vegetation, the lush woody setting has contributed to the tea estate.

Continuing The Old Tradition: Started by Mr. Henry Montgomery Lennoxa, a British planter; the tea estate was sold to the Kejriwal family who are hugely responsible for its massive upgradation. Legend has it that English ladies used to be highly impressed by the aromatic Jungpana teas in their gracious tea table. Also, during tea parties these teas used to charm them with their delicate flavour and soothing taste. And the tradition is still going strong by producing some of the best varieties of teas that are served to the Royalty. And the outlets where they have been selling these teas are Harrods and Knightsbridge, UK; Fortnum and Mason, UK; Fauchon France and Mariage, France.

factory image

Aim To Excel: With the objective of producing the best teas, Jungpana has excelled in its efforts to select proper leaves for the right flavour and taste. This exclusive task of plucking tea leaves is done by women, and the other tasks of sorting, rolling, drying, fermenting, etc are performed under the supervision of trained experts.

Recognition By Nestle: The long efforts of Jungpana have been recognized by International business honcho Nestle. Nestle has chosen Jungpana to launch its Special T. Special T is only available in a few countries like Austria, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium. Keeping in mind Jungpana’s past records in the business of tea, Nestle has selected the brand to launch the Special T which is widely known for its high quality. Nestle’s choosing Jungpana shows that Jungpana has come a long way.

With these recognitions and efforts, Jungpana is on the way to be perfect in the business of tea. This enhances its brand value and popularity.

A Beverage That keeps You Warm This Winter

There is nothing like a cup of hot tea during the chilly winter since many people suffer from indigestion and the body also needs to be energized as cold makes it inactive. To keep the prana (vital energies) flowing and to aid in digestion, one needs to sip a cup of tea everyday. But drinking tea is not sufficient; one needs to know when and what type of tea to drink as there are different types of herbs to energize your body and mind.

The timing of drinking tea in winter is not so important, you can drink tea in the morning, midday, early evening, and late afternoon. You can drink tea before bedtime as well. In winter, any time is tea time; there are no restrictions. Hot lemon and mint tea make digestion easy. Licorice tea is another option that has a cooling energy and bittersweet flavour to soothe a sore throat and eases digestion too. Also, holy basil or tulsi is good for curing cold and cough. It can reduce fever too. It also promotes detoxification. Here is a guide to the different varieties of tea which you can have during winter:


Chamomile Tea: Drink Chamomile tea 30 minutes before going to bed. Chamomile tea is exceptionally good for relaxing your muscles for better sleep. After a hectic office day, when you wish for a complete calming effect; this tea is the perfect option. It will de-stress you totally. One good thing about Chamomile tea is that it lacks caffeine which is harmful for the system. Add a little bit of honey to enrich the nutritious properties of the tea.


Green Tea: It is now widely known that green tea has numerous beneficial properties. It increases the metabolism of your body. It also keeps your heart healthy. Try to drink it before workout to obtain its curative effects in the most functional way. The renowned tea brand Jungpana also recommends green tea for its beneficial effects.


Peppermint Tea: There are lots of people who suffer from weight problems. This can lead to a lot of health hazards if the weight is not controlled in the right time. But now just by sipping tea, you can manage your weight. Try peppermint tea which controls weight by improving digestion.


White Tea: This tea with a lighter taste prevents cancer due to its increased antioxidants. These increased antioxidants reduce harmful cells. Also, it strengthens the immune system.

Drink these different varieties of tea this winter to relax and strengthen your body and mind. This will prove to be extremely beneficial for you in the long run.

Magical Effects of Tea In Reducing Weight

With the festive season soon approaching, it is hardly possible for anyone to resist the yummy delicious food items. Be it roadside panipuries, chaat, Moghlai or homemade mouth-watering traditional dishes, they are simply irresistible. But after some days, the effects are simply fatal as you either put on weight or there are signs of upset stomach. But there is an easy solution to combat this. Drinking tea can be quite beneficial for the stomach. Here are some ideas how it can benefit you:


Restore Your Digestive System With Green Tea: Green tea has many positive effects on our digestive system. Green tea has polyphenols which exert anti-inflammatory effects. This prevents stomach inflammation and reduces the risk inflammatory bowel diseases and colitis. EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), the strongest polyphenol found in green tea which has shown the most positive effects in improving the digestive system.
Also, this beverage improves the sensitivity to glucose and insulin tolerance. So if your blood sugar level is a little high after slurping down a couple of bottles of soft drinks and plates of cookies, then a cup of tea can surely balance your level of insulin.

oolong tea

Accentuate Metabolic Rate With Oolong Tea: Oolong tea is equally beneficial for the digestive system. According to the researches, this stronger tea is able to accelerate the metabolic rate. This accentuates the energy level resulting in a healthier digestive system. This helps the stomach work faster relieving stomach discomforts.

Tee Kräuter - tea herbal 01

Herbal Tea To Relieve Stomach Cramps: If you want to experience the positive effects of tea without caffeine, then herbal tea is the perfect choice. For example, peppermint tea relieves stomach cramps easing diarrhea. It also prevents discomforts caused by eating too much. Lemon grass tea also eases down an upset stomach. Ginger tea calms the disturbed stomach with its cool and mild flavour.

Try these different kinds of tea to keep your stomach in a healthy condition after the holidays. Have tea and derive the various benefits available to ameliorate your digestive system.

Make A Special Rendezvous With Tea This winter

Tea plays an important role in initiating a conversation at any time of the day. Tea makes a social gathering lively by bringing people closer and makes them calm and relaxed. This is true for your home as well as most people don’t start the day without their mandatory morning cuppa. It is not for nothing that the British are famous for their tea time break. A lot of important meetings and discussions are held over a cup of tea. This shows the power of the world’s favorite beverage, which should not be underestimated. The warmth and cordial touch a cup of tea provides to a guest is absolutely unmatched.


Tea Strengthens Relationships: It’s a tradition to invite someone with tea. This reflects a spirit of hospitality to the guest. The joy of having tea and bread in the morning with the entire family over an interesting conversation kick starts your day. Hosting a tea party at home with your friends and family cements your relationships to a stronger level. Even the elderly enjoy having tea as they feel nostalgic about their youth while having a conversation about the good old days. After a hard day’s work, tea refreshes people when they discuss the events of the day with their spouse and family. A cup of lemon, cardamom or mint tea can spice up your evening.

Tea Makes Conversations Delightful: A conversation without tea lacks the charm and vivacity that the beverage brings, making it hollow and empty. Tea brings a momentum to your conversation and gives it a logical direction. Whatever is the genre of the conversation: social, political, spiritual, religion, films, music or just a friendly chat; tea makes your conversation delightful and memorable. The world’s favourite beverage has the flavour of novelty that gives meaning to your oral communications.
Keeping the above factors in mind, it is very clear that tea enhances our conversations. Tea lives up to its expectations of the world’s favourite beverage by giving its admirers sheer joy and delight in their social interactions.

Etiquette’s To Be Followed At A Tea Party

Inviting friends and family for a tea party is a long tradition. It gives the opportunity to meet up with your old friends, strengthen the relationships and also make new ones. But there are some ideas that one needs to keep in mind before throwing a tea party to make it successful. These ideas will minimize the chance of having any faux pas.


Plan it in a proper way: Tea parties are always special as your near and dear ones are invited on the occasion. So planning is the most important thing before throwing the party. Set the scene for the party properly first. Crockery plays a major role in the tea party; therefore, use the best looking crockery. You can also make it special by using folded napkins, doilies and name place signs. For formal table etiquette, you must place the napkin on the left side.

Steps to follow: Cover the table with a beautiful looking table cloth. Make sure you have milk and sugar on the table and pour a cup of tea as one sits down. A variety of tea must be provided to the gusts so that they can have many options. Peppermint, fruit, iced tea, herbal tea, etc can be quite satisfying. For the tea party, you can also serve amazing snacks such as cakes, scones, biscuits, pastries, sandwiches, etc. And most importantly, make sure everything is clean and elegant.

Important tips: There are important details which you need to follow while planning a tea party. Here are some to make your tea party perfect. Don’t slurp your tea as it is not nice at all. Keep your saucer and teacup together. Instead of wedges, use lemon slices. Put the sugar in the cup first and then add the lemon. Don’t use the lemon and milk together.

With all these tips and ideas, hopefully now you can have a flawless tea party with your pals. This will show your hospitality and cordiality to your guests.