Fascinating Effects Of Tea In Improving Hair Growth

The medicinal value of tea has been well publicized. But your morning tea is also good for hair growth. If you are fed up with constant hair fall due to various reasons, then tea could be the ultimate solution. Here are some ideas to resolve the issue:

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Benefits Of Tea For Your Hair: As we grow older, our hair tends to look grey; many women may not be ready for this huge change. Well, good news is that black tea contains higher gallic acid, caffeine and the  bromine. It is also rich in antioxidants. This protects the hair from getting damaged. Our hair is the first part of our body which gets affected as it is exposed to the outer world. But black tea protects from ultraviolet rays making the hair look more vibrant and shiny. Your dull and frizzy hair can regain its old gloss and sheen if you rinse the hair with tea as a conditioner after shampooing.

Instructions To Rinse Your Hair With Black Tea: When it comes to keep your hair in tip top condition, then black tea is simply unrivaled. Here is one formula which you can follow. First add 2-4 tea bags to some boiled water. The amount of water will be according to your hair length. Now let it brew for few hours. After shampooing your hair, pour the tea in your hair and keep it for 30 minutes. Then rinse the hair with clean water properly. Stains of black tea don’t go easily, so you may wear an old t shirt. Black tea also softens the hair.


Get The Old Shine Back With Green Tea: Green tea is also good for your hair to retain the gloss and shine. Take two tea bags and dip them in the boiling water. When the water is cool, take out the tea bags. And now pour the tea onto the hair and keep it for 3 minutes.

With the common item in the kitchen, now you can solve the age old hair problems. This will rejuvenate your hair and help in its growth.


Delight Your Friends With Tea Gifts

Morning tea is a must to kick start your day’s work. Tea enlivens the whole spirits and generates energy and vitality to do all the work with equal enthusiasm. The scintillating smell of tea coming from the kitchen fills the air with a beautiful aroma. Sipping tea in the morning and evening accelerates the level of focus and alertness. But this legendary beverage can be great as a gift too on various occasions. When there is a small kitty party or a hen party, a tea gift can energize the whole atmosphere.


Tea is a must in the kitchen, so gifting tea will surely broaden the smile on the faces of your friends. There are other food items which can be gifted with tea to make the whole presentation more delightful. Here are some ideas:



Food items to accompany tea gifts: Tea and honey is a perfect gift for someone special. As you know what foods your buddies are fond of, you can choose accordingly. In the tea honey basket, you can put a ceramic honey pot and honey spoon sets with the tea bags. Or you can choose to put jam, chocolate, biscuits, etc. If your pals are crazy about fruit cakes or pancakes, then put some delicious cakes in the basket with the tea bags. There are cookies, buns and breads which can go well with tea. These food items make the gifts more fulfilling and wholesome.


Pots and trays for tea gifts: While gifting tea, one can give rich and beautiful pots and trays. These pots are available in all shapes and sizes. There is a varied collection of these pots and trays which you can choose from. Some have vintage flavour with various eye catching decorations; some are modern looking. The beautiful craftsmanship of these pots and trays adds an extra charm to the whole tea basket. You can also make tea gift boxes to give a personal touch.
Give your friends these charming tea gifts. You will surely make their day by filling their hearts with happiness.

Tea and Accompaniments

Tea is a must not only in the early morning to refresh the mind and body but also one can have it through out the day for couple of times to enrich the spirits. But there are food items which will be more fulfilling while teaming up with the brewing tea. These foods contain enough amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates which are essential for the proper growth of body. Also these nutritious snacking is much better than only a cup of tea. Here are some ideas to go for the afternoon and morning tea.

Pikelets and yogurt:

Tea with pikelets and yogurt fill the stomach so that for the entire day one does not need to eat too much. This is a wholesome breakfast. The simple yummy pancake can be enjoyed with morning or afternoon tea. They can be served with whipped cream or butter. You can serve them with ham or honey too.    

 Fruit smoothie:

Everyone loves fruit smoothies, especially children. Strawberries are full of nutrients. Low in calories, strawberries have vitamin c, potassium, fiber. Another popular smoothie is mango smoothie. With the addition of avocado, this smoothie provides nutrients which keep hair strong, lower the risk of cancer. This also keeps the blood sugar level balanced. Raspberry beet smoothie carries nitric acid which helps the blood flow. The juicy love apples produce the tomato smoothie which prevents heart disease.


Bowl of soup and bread:

After your day’s work, when you are running errands empty stomach, this wholesome meal with hot tea can surely satisfy you. Some of the soup and bread recipes are wheat bread bowls, pumpkin bread bowls, Italian bread bowls etc. making the bread bowls at home is easy and satisfying. The taste and flavour of these bowl bread recipes are different.

So, now on don’t serve the tea only, serve it with various food items to make the snacking more satisfying and fulfilling.

Tea: Take a Healthy Sip

When you get out of bed, the first thing you expect is a cup of tea. The irresistible smell of brewing tea coming from the kitchen enriches your whole entity and enlivens your spirits.

But, your morning tea is not only great to relax you mind and body. Studies have shown that it has the medicinal properties which can heal health problems or even minimize the risk of some of the deadly diseases.



Medicinal values: tea is derived from a shrub camellia sinensis which has the medicinal values to fight against clogged arteries, heart disease even cancer. Research has proven that this even helps fight Parkinson diseases. Nowadays we are leading a very stressful life so, if you are in stress try a cup of hot tea. This will definitely relax your mind.

Tea also maintains proper balance of the cholesterol level. Girls weight issues don’t need to bother about weight any more as tea can be the solution.

We are going through every day hustle bustle; therefore the risk of having stroke has increased a lot. In this case too tea helps to reduce the risk.

Fight against the effects of cigarette smoking: Black tea protects the lungs from the harms caused by the cigarette. Across the world cigarette smoking has created havoc due to its destructive effects to the health. We are affected actively as well as passively. But a cup of green tea can reduce the effects of cigarette smoking.

The tea has other beneficial properties like liver detox and aging prevention. Tea cleans the skin which cures eczema and acne. These constant skin issues can be easily erased by the green tea. Now you can embrace the age with grace as you sip your cup of tea everyday.


So now one can rightly say a cup of tea keeps your body and mind happy and healthy.

Junpana: An Exceptionally Splendid Tea Garden

Jungpana – An Unrivaled Choice for Tea Connoisseurs around the World

Jungpana an Indian tea brand earns international repute of being one of the most celebrated and consumed label across the world for its unparallel and enchanting aromas, bespoke of Darjeeling’s tea flavours which has a special rave with tea connoisseurs around the globe. Jungpana stands for quality and exclusivity in tea trade and this has been evident in the fact that the brand remains an unrivaled choice of morning beverage with the most prestigious royal family of England. Apart from being promoted by British Royalties, Jungpana has also been globetrotting around Europe with best dealers & retails as the Fortnum & Mason U.K., Harrods of Knightsbridge, U.K; Mariage, France and Fauchon, France. As per consumer accountability with these stores, Jungpana is one of the best sold brands over foreign counter.



Jungpana – A Mesmerizing Tea Plant Nestled in the Lap of Himalayas


The picturesque tea estate of Jungpana nestles in the lap of Himalayan foot at 1000 and 2000 meter above sea level. The geographical location is a perfect booster to why Jungpana produces and sells best quality First Flush from this region. Of the 87 tea gardens in Darjeeling, Jungpana has been doing unconditionally well, first because it happens to be an exclusive tea trader who directly sells to retailers around the world and second because recently it has collaborated with Nestle in promoting one of the healthiest tea types in Special T, a global marketing brand.

Established in 1899 and bought by the Family of Shantanu Kejriwal, the proprietor goes on explaining how difficult it has been to keep the business going despite extreme challenges.



An Accomplished Venture Beating Challenges

Among their successful ventures, is the famous gold-green tea, which attracts large amount of fans every year. An organic product, the gold-green tea has been a discovery achieved over years of toil in understanding the soil, climate, and various methods of harvesting tea. 350 people work throughout the year and 500 for limited time period. This exclusive produce will now be available as packaged tea with Nestle brand as under the name Special T.


 The Process of Manufacturing the World’s Best Tea, Jungpana

 The craft of accuracy: The brand is known for its precision and finesse. Every aspect of the preparation is attended to with lot of care and perfection. In Darjeeling, the traditional black tea is produced as the fermented tea under oxidation. The Jungpana experts have mastered the art of producing the right flavour and taste through the craft of accurate picking. This task heeded by women needs accuracy and clarity. The bud and first two leaves it is believed produces best teas, so plucking needs careful supervision as it is important that the workers do not break the leave stem. After this the leaves require drying of 16 hours called withering. They are then rolled and kept outdoors until their colours change.



For the final taste, oxidation lasts 2 to 3 hours. Then the tea master plays a major role in tasting the flavours and assorting the lot under different categories. The last stage of the process is drying. The brewing time and temperature depends on the type of tea. On the other hand, the male workers take care of maintaining, processing and shipping tea.


Perfect Tea Table Story Books

While sipping your tea with your pals you indulge into various conversations such as political, social, religious, spiritual etc. But the avid book lovers love to talk about the books they are reading. These discussions also make others to read books that their friends have been reading. Discussions while having tea brings out various factors about the books sometimes the adverse critical viewpoints sometimes the supportive opinions. But in any case these discussions and debates get so tempting that people go on ordering tea after tea for hours. Here are some books which could be great for tea table talk.

High Tea At A Low Table:

Irish born poet and writer Angela Pattern’s memoir is great book where she uses her lyrical skills. Through the story telling she tells her story of growing up days in a cluttered family where she had to fight hard to voice her opinion. The society back then was conservative and under the pressure of Catholic Church. But nothing had deterred her. Today she is an established renowned writer worldwide.

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories:


Any short story book is always ideal for the tea table talks or discussions. These funny adventurous stories can make one laugh or cry easily. Such a book is the ‘Tiny Book of Tiny Stories’ by the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This is a perfect amalgamation of vibrant, illustrated and quirky tales which will make you wonder at times.

Book of tea:

Your tea table talk may get little spicier if the discussion is all about nothing but the tea itself. This tea classic has been written by Kakuzo Okakura. The book is about oriental philosophy and history. For further information, the writer Okakura is an eminent artist of Japan. He was the founder of the Japanese art academy-Tokyo school of fine arts. The book has been translated in over 30 languages.

Read these books and have discussions on them while having your cup of tea with friends.

Tea To Bring Back The Radiance Of Your Skin

A cup of tea is not just a soothing drink that you like to sip on in the early morning; this worldly famous drink can be reliever to those who have been going trough skin problems. Tea has anti aging and anti-inflammatory properties which are good for the skin to keep it healthy and radiant. So next time when you prepare your cup of tea, keep the tea leaves separately for your skin.

Great for reducing sunburns:

These days summer is scorching, therefore, skin gets rough and craggy. The tenderness of the skin gets lost resulting in redness which also creates unwanted spots. Sometimes the market products simply don’t work. Well don’t worry the kitchen comes with the easy solution as tea bags can easily reduce these redness. The cold compresses of the tea bags relax the spot areas making the skin more supple and tender.


Forget those puffy eyes:

Are you hesitant to look at the mirror after leaving the bed in the morning, well you can bid adieu to those swelling puffy eyes with the help of tea. Dab tea bags on the puffy eyes gently and you will receive the result in a brief period of time.


Bye bye to the Under-eye circles:

With late nights and hectic schedules people tend to have under-eye circles which can be pretty disturbing in public. Also, it makes one look older and unhealthy. Not to worry as there is an easy solution. The regular application of the tea bags accelerates the blood circulation under eye which reduces the spots.

Get rid of the smelly feet:

We take care of face and hair on regular basis but in that process our feet get neglected. They become stinky and smelly. To get rid of these smelly feet soak them in boiled tea solution. This solution has antibacterial properties which makes the feet clean and soft.

Apply tea bags as after shave: sometimes the limbs become little rough after shaving. To retain the smoothness one can dab the cool tea bag on hands and legs. It also has the antifungal properties which prevent the skin from all sorts of infection.