Components Of English High Tea

The English high tea is mainly the afternoon tea mostly around 3 or 4 o’clock. English ladies and lords sitting in relaxing armchairs and enjoying their tea break simply sound great. But tea alone cannot satiate the mind, so the tea has to have the pleasure of other food items. The components of English afternoon tea are a pot of tea with a selection of various food items for garnishing.

A wholesome meal: This was the meal created mainly by the British working class. It used to be eaten with heavy food items like bread, sandwiches, various pickled items, cheese, meat pies and crackers. These items enhance the flavour and aroma of tea by giving it a zesty feel.

Here are some delicious English high tea components:


Scones: Scones are always easy to make. They are delicious and super yummy. They are ideal for teaming up with high tea as scones are irresistible. Scones are best when they are served hot and fresh. While eating scones, split them open and pour thick cream and homemade jam or lemon curd. Among scones; apricot and white chocolate scones, coconut scones, cherry scones, honey ginger scones, lavender scones and pumpkin spice drop scones are quite popular.


Sandwiches: The high tea can be a fuller meal with sandwiches. Together, they simply rock. But there are some tips to follow. Make the sandwiches small in size. They should be thinly sliced; use brown bread or close-textured white bread. For the fillings, you can make anchovy paste, smoked salmon, ham or chopped egg in advance. For small gatherings, three varieties are enough; for large ones, at least five are required.


Pastries: Pastries are always very popular with the high tea. Cakes, cookies, brownies and fruit tarts are yummy and give the whole meal a perfect balance. Here are some food items that you can make at home. There is pumpkin roll which is a cream cheese recipe. Then, Butter horns are frosted pastries rolled into crescent shapes. Cheese cakes are simply delightful. Cherry nuggets are cookies topped with cherries. These nuggets ate rolled with nuts inside.

Try these recipes to spice up your afternoon high tea. This will increase its charm and vivacity and bring a smile on your face.


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