Tasty Nicknacks With Tea

Your whole day is completely empty without your morning or evening tea. After leaving the bed, you inevitably desire a cup of hot tea. The tea relaxes the whole body and enlivens the drowsy spirits. When you come back from the day’s hectic office work, the hot beverage relaxes your mind. But tea with snacks definitely makes a wholesome meal. In India there are some yummy food items that can be paired up with tea very well. Every region of India: East, West, North or South, has its own range of traditional savouries which can be served with tea. Here are some of them:


Palakayalu: This traditional savoury is easy to make at home. Also, this has an advantage that while making them children get truly excited. Homemade Palakayalu has a nice flavour and freshness which everybody, especially children love. This crispy, dry and rice based dish is very popular in Andhra. They can be made both spicy and sweet. Palakayalu is a great accompaniment with hot tea; when there are guests at home, plates full of Palakayalu teaming up with tea can be delightful and joyous.


Samosa: Who can resist samosas with hot tea? This snack accompanied with tea on a rainy day is a hot favourite. Be it a heavy downpour or a drizzle, all of us simply want to refrain from our work and sit by the window-sill to have a cup of tea with samosas. Be it chicken samosa, corn samosa or potato samosa; tea makes the combination simply mouth watering. On any occasion or get-together, this delicious combination is a must.


Namak Pare: This popular savoury snack is a north Indian dish. These are ribbon- looking strips made from whole wheat flour or refined wheat flour. This crunchy snack is a must with tea. Try this!

Make your tea time yummier with these dishes and add some zest and spice to your workday!


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