Jungpana’s New Venture: Special T Collaborated With Nestle

The name Jungpana says it all while representing high quality and classiness. Situated atop of the Himalayan foot hills and surrounded by pristine beauty, the sprawling tea estate has been producing some of the best teas since 1899. But why choose Jungpana? Well, the answer is that the mesmerizing aroma and scintillating flavour of the brand is simply unrivaled. The soothing smoothness and divine quality is what Jungpana boasts. Amidst the rainy and cloudy surroundings, Jungpana tea estate nestles in the lap of charming Himalayan beauty at altitudes ranging from 3,000 to 4,500 ft. Wrapped in dense vegetation, the lush woody setting has contributed to the tea estate.

Continuing The Old Tradition: Started by Mr. Henry Montgomery Lennoxa, a British planter; the tea estate was sold to the Kejriwal family who are hugely responsible for its massive upgradation. Legend has it that English ladies used to be highly impressed by the aromatic Jungpana teas in their gracious tea table. Also, during tea parties these teas used to charm them with their delicate flavour and soothing taste. And the tradition is still going strong by producing some of the best varieties of teas that are served to the Royalty. And the outlets where they have been selling these teas are Harrods and Knightsbridge, UK; Fortnum and Mason, UK; Fauchon France and Mariage, France.

factory image

Aim To Excel: With the objective of producing the best teas, Jungpana has excelled in its efforts to select proper leaves for the right flavour and taste. This exclusive task of plucking tea leaves is done by women, and the other tasks of sorting, rolling, drying, fermenting, etc are performed under the supervision of trained experts.

Recognition By Nestle: The long efforts of Jungpana have been recognized by International business honcho Nestle. Nestle has chosen Jungpana to launch its Special T. Special T is only available in a few countries like Austria, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium. Keeping in mind Jungpana’s past records in the business of tea, Nestle has selected the brand to launch the Special T which is widely known for its high quality. Nestle’s choosing Jungpana shows that Jungpana has come a long way.

With these recognitions and efforts, Jungpana is on the way to be perfect in the business of tea. This enhances its brand value and popularity.


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