A Beverage That keeps You Warm This Winter

There is nothing like a cup of hot tea during the chilly winter since many people suffer from indigestion and the body also needs to be energized as cold makes it inactive. To keep the prana (vital energies) flowing and to aid in digestion, one needs to sip a cup of tea everyday. But drinking tea is not sufficient; one needs to know when and what type of tea to drink as there are different types of herbs to energize your body and mind.

The timing of drinking tea in winter is not so important, you can drink tea in the morning, midday, early evening, and late afternoon. You can drink tea before bedtime as well. In winter, any time is tea time; there are no restrictions. Hot lemon and mint tea make digestion easy. Licorice tea is another option that has a cooling energy and bittersweet flavour to soothe a sore throat and eases digestion too. Also, holy basil or tulsi is good for curing cold and cough. It can reduce fever too. It also promotes detoxification. Here is a guide to the different varieties of tea which you can have during winter:


Chamomile Tea: Drink Chamomile tea 30 minutes before going to bed. Chamomile tea is exceptionally good for relaxing your muscles for better sleep. After a hectic office day, when you wish for a complete calming effect; this tea is the perfect option. It will de-stress you totally. One good thing about Chamomile tea is that it lacks caffeine which is harmful for the system. Add a little bit of honey to enrich the nutritious properties of the tea.


Green Tea: It is now widely known that green tea has numerous beneficial properties. It increases the metabolism of your body. It also keeps your heart healthy. Try to drink it before workout to obtain its curative effects in the most functional way. The renowned tea brand Jungpana also recommends green tea for its beneficial effects.


Peppermint Tea: There are lots of people who suffer from weight problems. This can lead to a lot of health hazards if the weight is not controlled in the right time. But now just by sipping tea, you can manage your weight. Try peppermint tea which controls weight by improving digestion.


White Tea: This tea with a lighter taste prevents cancer due to its increased antioxidants. These increased antioxidants reduce harmful cells. Also, it strengthens the immune system.

Drink these different varieties of tea this winter to relax and strengthen your body and mind. This will prove to be extremely beneficial for you in the long run.


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