Magical Effects of Tea In Reducing Weight

With the festive season soon approaching, it is hardly possible for anyone to resist the yummy delicious food items. Be it roadside panipuries, chaat, Moghlai or homemade mouth-watering traditional dishes, they are simply irresistible. But after some days, the effects are simply fatal as you either put on weight or there are signs of upset stomach. But there is an easy solution to combat this. Drinking tea can be quite beneficial for the stomach. Here are some ideas how it can benefit you:


Restore Your Digestive System With Green Tea: Green tea has many positive effects on our digestive system. Green tea has polyphenols which exert anti-inflammatory effects. This prevents stomach inflammation and reduces the risk inflammatory bowel diseases and colitis. EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), the strongest polyphenol found in green tea which has shown the most positive effects in improving the digestive system.
Also, this beverage improves the sensitivity to glucose and insulin tolerance. So if your blood sugar level is a little high after slurping down a couple of bottles of soft drinks and plates of cookies, then a cup of tea can surely balance your level of insulin.

oolong tea

Accentuate Metabolic Rate With Oolong Tea: Oolong tea is equally beneficial for the digestive system. According to the researches, this stronger tea is able to accelerate the metabolic rate. This accentuates the energy level resulting in a healthier digestive system. This helps the stomach work faster relieving stomach discomforts.

Tee Kräuter - tea herbal 01

Herbal Tea To Relieve Stomach Cramps: If you want to experience the positive effects of tea without caffeine, then herbal tea is the perfect choice. For example, peppermint tea relieves stomach cramps easing diarrhea. It also prevents discomforts caused by eating too much. Lemon grass tea also eases down an upset stomach. Ginger tea calms the disturbed stomach with its cool and mild flavour.

Try these different kinds of tea to keep your stomach in a healthy condition after the holidays. Have tea and derive the various benefits available to ameliorate your digestive system.


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