Etiquette’s To Be Followed At A Tea Party

Inviting friends and family for a tea party is a long tradition. It gives the opportunity to meet up with your old friends, strengthen the relationships and also make new ones. But there are some ideas that one needs to keep in mind before throwing a tea party to make it successful. These ideas will minimize the chance of having any faux pas.


Plan it in a proper way: Tea parties are always special as your near and dear ones are invited on the occasion. So planning is the most important thing before throwing the party. Set the scene for the party properly first. Crockery plays a major role in the tea party; therefore, use the best looking crockery. You can also make it special by using folded napkins, doilies and name place signs. For formal table etiquette, you must place the napkin on the left side.

Steps to follow: Cover the table with a beautiful looking table cloth. Make sure you have milk and sugar on the table and pour a cup of tea as one sits down. A variety of tea must be provided to the gusts so that they can have many options. Peppermint, fruit, iced tea, herbal tea, etc can be quite satisfying. For the tea party, you can also serve amazing snacks such as cakes, scones, biscuits, pastries, sandwiches, etc. And most importantly, make sure everything is clean and elegant.

Important tips: There are important details which you need to follow while planning a tea party. Here are some to make your tea party perfect. Don’t slurp your tea as it is not nice at all. Keep your saucer and teacup together. Instead of wedges, use lemon slices. Put the sugar in the cup first and then add the lemon. Don’t use the lemon and milk together.

With all these tips and ideas, hopefully now you can have a flawless tea party with your pals. This will show your hospitality and cordiality to your guests.


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