Tea and Accompaniments

Tea is a must not only in the early morning to refresh the mind and body but also one can have it through out the day for couple of times to enrich the spirits. But there are food items which will be more fulfilling while teaming up with the brewing tea. These foods contain enough amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates which are essential for the proper growth of body. Also these nutritious snacking is much better than only a cup of tea. Here are some ideas to go for the afternoon and morning tea.

Pikelets and yogurt:

Tea with pikelets and yogurt fill the stomach so that for the entire day one does not need to eat too much. This is a wholesome breakfast. The simple yummy pancake can be enjoyed with morning or afternoon tea. They can be served with whipped cream or butter. You can serve them with ham or honey too.    

 Fruit smoothie:

Everyone loves fruit smoothies, especially children. Strawberries are full of nutrients. Low in calories, strawberries have vitamin c, potassium, fiber. Another popular smoothie is mango smoothie. With the addition of avocado, this smoothie provides nutrients which keep hair strong, lower the risk of cancer. This also keeps the blood sugar level balanced. Raspberry beet smoothie carries nitric acid which helps the blood flow. The juicy love apples produce the tomato smoothie which prevents heart disease.


Bowl of soup and bread:

After your day’s work, when you are running errands empty stomach, this wholesome meal with hot tea can surely satisfy you. Some of the soup and bread recipes are wheat bread bowls, pumpkin bread bowls, Italian bread bowls etc. making the bread bowls at home is easy and satisfying. The taste and flavour of these bowl bread recipes are different.

So, now on don’t serve the tea only, serve it with various food items to make the snacking more satisfying and fulfilling.


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