Junpana: An Exceptionally Splendid Tea Garden

Jungpana – An Unrivaled Choice for Tea Connoisseurs around the World

Jungpana an Indian tea brand earns international repute of being one of the most celebrated and consumed label across the world for its unparallel and enchanting aromas, bespoke of Darjeeling’s tea flavours which has a special rave with tea connoisseurs around the globe. Jungpana stands for quality and exclusivity in tea trade and this has been evident in the fact that the brand remains an unrivaled choice of morning beverage with the most prestigious royal family of England. Apart from being promoted by British Royalties, Jungpana has also been globetrotting around Europe with best dealers & retails as the Fortnum & Mason U.K., Harrods of Knightsbridge, U.K; Mariage, France and Fauchon, France. As per consumer accountability with these stores, Jungpana is one of the best sold brands over foreign counter.



Jungpana – A Mesmerizing Tea Plant Nestled in the Lap of Himalayas


The picturesque tea estate of Jungpana nestles in the lap of Himalayan foot at 1000 and 2000 meter above sea level. The geographical location is a perfect booster to why Jungpana produces and sells best quality First Flush from this region. Of the 87 tea gardens in Darjeeling, Jungpana has been doing unconditionally well, first because it happens to be an exclusive tea trader who directly sells to retailers around the world and second because recently it has collaborated with Nestle in promoting one of the healthiest tea types in Special T, a global marketing brand.

Established in 1899 and bought by the Family of Shantanu Kejriwal, the proprietor goes on explaining how difficult it has been to keep the business going despite extreme challenges.



An Accomplished Venture Beating Challenges

Among their successful ventures, is the famous gold-green tea, which attracts large amount of fans every year. An organic product, the gold-green tea has been a discovery achieved over years of toil in understanding the soil, climate, and various methods of harvesting tea. 350 people work throughout the year and 500 for limited time period. This exclusive produce will now be available as packaged tea with Nestle brand as under the name Special T.


 The Process of Manufacturing the World’s Best Tea, Jungpana

 The craft of accuracy: The brand is known for its precision and finesse. Every aspect of the preparation is attended to with lot of care and perfection. In Darjeeling, the traditional black tea is produced as the fermented tea under oxidation. The Jungpana experts have mastered the art of producing the right flavour and taste through the craft of accurate picking. This task heeded by women needs accuracy and clarity. The bud and first two leaves it is believed produces best teas, so plucking needs careful supervision as it is important that the workers do not break the leave stem. After this the leaves require drying of 16 hours called withering. They are then rolled and kept outdoors until their colours change.



For the final taste, oxidation lasts 2 to 3 hours. Then the tea master plays a major role in tasting the flavours and assorting the lot under different categories. The last stage of the process is drying. The brewing time and temperature depends on the type of tea. On the other hand, the male workers take care of maintaining, processing and shipping tea.



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