Perfect Tea Table Story Books

While sipping your tea with your pals you indulge into various conversations such as political, social, religious, spiritual etc. But the avid book lovers love to talk about the books they are reading. These discussions also make others to read books that their friends have been reading. Discussions while having tea brings out various factors about the books sometimes the adverse critical viewpoints sometimes the supportive opinions. But in any case these discussions and debates get so tempting that people go on ordering tea after tea for hours. Here are some books which could be great for tea table talk.

High Tea At A Low Table:

Irish born poet and writer Angela Pattern’s memoir is great book where she uses her lyrical skills. Through the story telling she tells her story of growing up days in a cluttered family where she had to fight hard to voice her opinion. The society back then was conservative and under the pressure of Catholic Church. But nothing had deterred her. Today she is an established renowned writer worldwide.

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories:


Any short story book is always ideal for the tea table talks or discussions. These funny adventurous stories can make one laugh or cry easily. Such a book is the ‘Tiny Book of Tiny Stories’ by the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This is a perfect amalgamation of vibrant, illustrated and quirky tales which will make you wonder at times.

Book of tea:

Your tea table talk may get little spicier if the discussion is all about nothing but the tea itself. This tea classic has been written by Kakuzo Okakura. The book is about oriental philosophy and history. For further information, the writer Okakura is an eminent artist of Japan. He was the founder of the Japanese art academy-Tokyo school of fine arts. The book has been translated in over 30 languages.

Read these books and have discussions on them while having your cup of tea with friends.


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