Tea To Bring Back The Radiance Of Your Skin

A cup of tea is not just a soothing drink that you like to sip on in the early morning; this worldly famous drink can be reliever to those who have been going trough skin problems. Tea has anti aging and anti-inflammatory properties which are good for the skin to keep it healthy and radiant. So next time when you prepare your cup of tea, keep the tea leaves separately for your skin.

Great for reducing sunburns:

These days summer is scorching, therefore, skin gets rough and craggy. The tenderness of the skin gets lost resulting in redness which also creates unwanted spots. Sometimes the market products simply don’t work. Well don’t worry the kitchen comes with the easy solution as tea bags can easily reduce these redness. The cold compresses of the tea bags relax the spot areas making the skin more supple and tender.


Forget those puffy eyes:

Are you hesitant to look at the mirror after leaving the bed in the morning, well you can bid adieu to those swelling puffy eyes with the help of tea. Dab tea bags on the puffy eyes gently and you will receive the result in a brief period of time.


Bye bye to the Under-eye circles:

With late nights and hectic schedules people tend to have under-eye circles which can be pretty disturbing in public. Also, it makes one look older and unhealthy. Not to worry as there is an easy solution. The regular application of the tea bags accelerates the blood circulation under eye which reduces the spots.

Get rid of the smelly feet:

We take care of face and hair on regular basis but in that process our feet get neglected. They become stinky and smelly. To get rid of these smelly feet soak them in boiled tea solution. This solution has antibacterial properties which makes the feet clean and soft.

Apply tea bags as after shave: sometimes the limbs become little rough after shaving. To retain the smoothness one can dab the cool tea bag on hands and legs. It also has the antifungal properties which prevent the skin from all sorts of infection.



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