Jungpana’s Special Venture With Nestle

It great news for Indian tea connoisseurs, one of the world’s favourite Darjeeling tea, popular with The queen of England, Jungpana, will be retailed in its home market for the first time. In UK or France Jungpana needs no introduction, the bestseller at Fortnum and Mason and at Mariage Feres has made special collaboration with Nestle to launch the special T campaign in India which means for the Indians the glass ceiling has been reached and now they can luxuriously sip at an aromatic cup of Jungpana.


Shantanu Kejriwal director and owner Jungpana is not looking at volumes in the first stage – he is determined to serve the Indian community with the best first and second flush and also oolong. The several factors that will boost jungpana’s launch are –

  • It entails a very good list of testimonials from the world’s best.
  • Now that nestle launched special T pod packets with Jungpana branding it will be greeted well by Indian audience.
  • What will amuse and excite the crowd is the fact that the Jungpana they buy at INR 5000 a kg is sold at INR 20,000 in the UK.

Shantanu Kejriwal’s family has owned the Jungpana tea estate for more than five decades. Originally it belonged to a British tea planter Henry Lennox and subsequently was passed onto the Ranas of Nepal and then bought buy the Kejriwals.

For Shantanu Kejriwal Jungpana is more than a tea estate “ it’s a haven of solace and peace which has inspired the artist in me and my art is very challenging – it is the art of marking the best cup of tea in the world” says the energetic entrepreneur who have travelled the world and enjoyed Jungpana’s acclaim to fame.


Apart from the nestle venture, Jungpuna is also preparing to enter the tea-bag space. Their bags will be special Pyramid bags which will only be launched in Indian and will be available in some select international hotels. But this is just the initial stage.

Jungpana’s sole motive now will be to serve best quality tea at best rates explains Mr. Kejriwal.

But there are people wondering why Jungpana has made such a delayed entry into its home market to which Shantanu Kejriwal offers a simple answer – “it’s a matter of brand value. The Indian market has evolved slowly it can now pull up the packaging cost which has been very expensive, “ earlier tea comprised only 20% of the total packaging cost” replies the honest businessman from his home-state Kolkata “ but now people are actually buying teas worth 5,000 – for me that’s a real wow!”


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