Recent Trends: Tea Cocktails And Desserts

Tea, being consumed by most of the people in the world is considered to be the most common beverage all over the world. Everyone knows the various benefits that teas provide. Nowadays the growing taste for tea isn’t limited to just being only a beverage. Recent trends show that tea is slowly making its way into desserts and cocktails in particular.

Tea Cocktails

Tea cocktails are vastly different from regular cocktail combinations because tea imparts its unique flavor to the drinks. There cocktails are generally easy to make at home. From black tea to green tea, you can use any variety in your drink. Some of the most popular teas that can be used to make cocktails are distinctive flavored teas such as Oolong, Darjeeling Makaibari, Green tea, South African Rooibos and floral teas such as hibiscus and chamomile. These teas are best paired with alcohols such as vodka, white rum and flavored liquors.


Some of the most popular tea cocktails are- Drunken Peach Iced Tea, Firefly tea breeze, Chamomila cocktail and so on.

Tea infused Dishes

Chefs use tea leaves and brewed tea, not just because it’s trendy and currently raging all around the globe, but because tea comprises of tannins that complements the fats in meat and dairy, while adding subtle flavor. Tea-Smoked Chicken is one such famous recipe which is made more delicious with the addition of tea.


Tea has long been used in dishes like the classic Sichuan tea-smoked duck and tea-leaf salad. Perk up gravies, soups and stews by adding some brewed black tea. Tea leaves can be added to cookies, muffins, scones, quick breads and cakes. Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies is one such type.

Tea Desserts

Not only cocktails and other main courses, but tea is also raging in the department of desserts. Various types of tea desserts like ice creams, Crème Brule, cookies, frosted cakes, rice pudding, macaroons are trending recently. Some of the most popular recipes that comprise of the tea dessert section are tea infused Crème Brule, Black tea or Oolong tea flavored ice creams. Tea flavored frosting on plain cakes and so on.


Enjoy tea in all its different roles in recipes, cocktails and desserts, while retaining all its benefits.


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