Best Tea-Table Reads: Books And Magazines

Tea table books are generally hardcover books kept at a center table in the specific corner of your house where you entertain your guests. The purpose of tea-table books and magazines is to initiate conversations among guests and diminish boredom.

Books are the perfect best friends and provide the ideal company, while magazines cater to all fields of life, last a lifetime and can be found in every price range. From fashion magazines and interior design books to photography books, art books and craft magazines- Tea table books and magazines packs in itself each and everything.

Some of the books and magazines that are perfect to stack up and deck your tea table are shared below.

103071National Geographic’s “The Photographs” is an extremely captivating, vibrant representation of “National Geographic” magazine’s most memorable photographs of the last 25 years, the facts behind these images and the stories of the men and women who took them. These photos are described with the photographer’s accounts of the techniques and their behind the shoot adventures.

Tiny-Book-of-Tiny-Stories-V3“The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories” by famous actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt comprises of tiny, quirky, ingenious and illustrated tales which make you wonder, laugh and cry as well. Other such short story books perfect as tea table companions are Jhumpa Lahiri’s “Unaccustomed Earth” and “The Complete Stories and Poems” by Edgar Allan Poe.

Food and cocktail recipe books are very popular as tea-table companions. Books like “Small Food” and “Small Bites” are filled with interesting recipes of snacks and dips with vivid illustrations. Easy to make cocktails at home are well described in books like “50 Quick Cocktails” and “PDT Cocktail Book”.

Unforgettable-Places-to-See-Before-You-Die-9781552979556Travelogues are well enjoyed by guests while sipping on a hot cup of brewing tea. National Geographic’s Journeys of a Lifetime” highlight the best sites on the globe- both the famous as well as the lesser known places. It presents an amazing diversity of possibilities, from cruises around Antarctica to trekking in the Andes. Another noteworthy book in this segment is “Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die”– is aimed for adventure and thrill seeking individuals. This book features international destinations with extraordinary scenery, beautiful wildlife and interesting cultures.

Tea-table books and magazines that you keep on your table say a lot about who you are and your choices. Hence it is very important that the books and magazines that you deck up on your center table do not serve only as a decorative piece; but reflects your taste and personality as well!



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