Varieties Of Flavored Teas

Flavored tea is a type of tea that is comprises of the leaves of the original plant camellia sinensis and added to it are different ingredients to enhance the flavor. Fruits, flowers and natural flavors are mixed with Black, Green and Oolong tea to create flavored teas.

Varieties of flavored teas are available in the market to quench your thirst and give a new experience to your taste-buds. Whether you like oranges, chocolates, nuts and even spicy tea, there is definitely one for you in the market! Let’s take you through some of the most famous relished types of flavored teas available.

Fruit Flavored Teas

Fruit flavored teas have real chunks of fruits added to it which gives it a zesty refreshing taste. This can be enjoyed either as a hot tea or as an iced tea. Some of the most popular types of fruit flavored teas are strawberry, raspberry, banana, peach and kiwi. A cup of iced fruity tea is ideal for summer evenings.

Flower Flavored Teas

Flower flavored teas have always been a popular choice of beverage. Flavors like rose, jasmine or chamomile petals are the most favorites. Chamomile tea helps you sleep better as well.


Spicy Flavored Teas

If you like to attain a spicy zing in your beverages, then spicy flavored teas are just the right thing for you. Ginger, Garlic and even Chili flavored teas can be enjoyed either with other flavors like chocolate, orange and mint; or as a standalone tasty beverage. Indian masala chai (tea) is a must try drink for all- it fills up your senses while you take a sip out of it.

Nutty Flavored Teas

Sometimes all you need is a nutty flavored tea to enhance your day. Nutty teas are made with real bits of nuts merged with tea leaves. Almonds, hazelnuts or pistachios- you get every nut that you wish for in your brewing cup of tea with the subtle, natural, nutty taste.

Unique varieties of teas like mint, lemongrass or popcorn are slowly gaining a spot in the market. Mix and merge different ingredients of your choice, and enjoy your own type of tea- either a steaming cup of brew or a cold iced refreshing flavored tea!



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