DIY Ideas to Pep Up Your Tea Party

Next tea party that you will organize can have little extras to catch attention other than the bakeries, the mini cucumber sandwiches and the choco-lava cakes. How about going artsy with interesting DIYs for your tea table? – for example the tea bags or the tea bags container. Interested? We thought so, and therefore we have provided here with some unique ideas that can help you lay a beautiful tea table –


Materials You Need:

Needle – Thread – sponge papers/ tissue papers – tea leaves – ribbon – paper cutouts – scissors – stapler

Cut the Tissue papers into small cubes (or of any desired shapes) and sew from the sides. Leave one end open. With a tea spoon fill the inside of the mini bag, fold the head and hold in position; place a ribbon over the folded head and the paper cutout overlapping the ribbon. Staple it and you are done.




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