How to Plan a Christmas Tea Party?

It’s Christmas time! So how about planning a small Christmas Tea Party with friends to spend the long afternoon hours in endless chitchats over the aromaticcups of steamingtea andthe never-ending munchies? Adding to the already magical environment of dreamy Christmas season,the very mention of tea partiesinevitablytricksus into the conjuring worldof the Victorian era or the plush English élite society gatherings.


So let’s get down to make this dream come true! Let’s get down to the planning part. Always remember that tea parties are not meant for drinking tea only! It means socializing and setting a trend as well. The first thing about organizingaChristmas Tea Party is to set a date and time that would suit you as well as your guests. Sundays are generally considered the party days, but personally speaking, I would always prefer a Saturday afternoon for a long laid-back tea party.One thing to keep in mind while planning a Christmas Tea Party, or any tea party for that matter, is that you do not want to invite the whole community over at your house. Ideal tea parties demand fewer guests butquality time spent. Few intimate friends make for a cozy little tea party. But if you prefer to have a larger gathering, going the buffet style is ideal. So, once you decide on the guests you wish to call over, it’s time to send out your invitations.


Now, send your invitations well in advance, and do not forget to mention if you desire for a particular costume or dress code. If you do, please provide the details.Also, do not forget to arrange for a special play area and a baby sitter for the day if you expect your guests to be coming with small children. That way, no one has to worry about making arrangements for the kids back home, but nevertheless enjoy the party. What more can you offer to be the perfect host?

For the adults also, picking up a few games for the afternoon won’t be a bad idea after all. Card games work perfectly for such occasions, though playing Secret Santa would go well with the theme of the party. But, if you wish your guests to play secret Santa, please plan beforehand and also inform your guests so that they come prepared.Remember that surprises are awesome, but not always…especially not when YOU are “taken by surprise”!

Now, comes the day of the party. Take out your finest holiday linens and crockery sets, and choose the most beautiful spot at your home for the party. Since it is going to be a Christmas Tea Party, chose a warm cozy corner and illuminate it with Christmas-themed decorations and tea lights. A well-decorated Christmas tree at the corner is a MUST. Christmas greeneries such as pine or holly, and mistletoe boughs, would add to the fervor. Also, consider playing soft Christmas music at the background, but make sure they are not loud enough to overshadow the soft rumbling conversation.


Finally, arrange for thoughtful food to accompany the tea and the talk, and also create an atmosphere of warmth and cordiality. And, I must add, it’s not the children only who love to have takeaway gifts from parties. We adults love them as much! Don’t we?



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