Famous Tea Festivals Across the Globe

When it comes to beverages, there is hardly any drink that has been completely successful to replace tea from our daily routine. Apart from a few people, tea is more than a beverage- it is part of both our luxurious and mundane existence. Tea has an in-depth association with relaxation and hence to many it is a healthy addiction. Fyodor Dostoyevsky has once said, “I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.”  And there are many to indeed confirm to this statement. It is due to this reason that tea is a reason for discussions and party while at the same time it is the best companion for your lone hours. The tea festivals around the world celebrate this vital beverage of human life in their own way. These festivals in the present day have a huge value today specially from a commercial point of view.

Coffee and Tea Festival NYC 2-25-12 (20)

The Assam Tea Festival, India

Every year around November several tea festivals are arranged in Assam but the most popular among them is the one held at Jorhat in Assam. Jorhat in Assam is known more as the biggest and most famous tea garden in India and owing to this it has developed as a tourist spot. From a trip to the tea estate and the Guwahati Tea Auction Center, there is lot that this festival offers. The festival abounds several events like food fairs and activities like angling, fishing and also golfing. One of the major attractions of this festival is the conference where delegates come from all over the globe and discussions are held on the current state of the tea industry.


Boseong Green Tea Festival, Korea

Every year around the third week of May, the largest tea festival in Korea is held at the Korean Tea and Sori Cultural Park in Boseong-gun in the Jeollanam-do Province. It is also the oldest tea festival running for the almost four decades. Boseong is known for its green tea plantation around the world besides an array of flavours that one can sample during this festival. A distinctive culture has grown around the tea plantation and activities like picking tea leaves, sampling tea and making tea are part of the festival.

Visitors enjoy Sweet Fest in Bucharest

Tea World Festival, Japan

The Asian countries like China, Korea, Japan and India are some of the largest producers of tea and there the tea world festival held in Seoul around end of May or first week of June bears testimony to the fact. Different types of tea like the yellow tea from China, caked tea (green tea roasted and baked and pounded in disk shapes) are part of this festival. Moreover several tea accessories like glass and silver tea cups, traditional bowls and even designer tea kettles are also the chief attraction besides tea sampling- making it a complete tourist attraction.


Teesta Tea And Tourism Festival, India

In Darjeeling every year during either December or January, this festival is held for ten days. The motto of this festival is to popularize the Darjeeling tea produced in this area and also to boast the tourism of the entire belt comprising of Sikkim and Darjeeling both. The flavours to savour in this festival are Oolong and White tea, black tea and green tea and the popular ones include Earl Grey, Russian Caravan and Lapsang Souchong.

Other popular festivals in the world include one held in USA every year to popularize the tea industry from a global perspective. It is the Northwest Tea Festival held at the Seattle, Washington during October every year.


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