Time to Take A Tea Break!

When nothing seems to work well, and the day’s gloom gets you good, then all you need is a good cup of tea and some friends to share your thoughts with. Unwind from monotonous living, catch on a little laughter to lighten you up and drink tea – a beverage that promotes the so called modern therapy of ‘sitdownism’ – talk and resolve problems.


A lot can happen over Tea!

Tea, because of its medicinal values is one the safest drink on planet earth – a drink which can be consumed by children and adults alike. Therefore to me it is one of the most democratic drinks that propagate tolerance, patients, openness and other positive traits. In fact you if visit China or in that case Japan, you will witness some very interesting tea rituals which supposedly brings together family and friends and help cement relations.

When Bored Organize a Tea Party

Organizing a tea party is fun. if you want to host a conventional tea party you need to think about your crockery decoration and the menu very carefully. In order to set in the mood you need decorate the tea table and the surroundings properly. White is the most preferred theme colour for British tea parties. If you decide on white then get your silver crockery set laid gracefully on the table. Please be carefully not to overcrowd the table with flower arrangements and unnecessary light decorations.

If you are planning on a casual get-together, then go ahead and experiment with the layout and the knick knacks that you want to serve your guests with.

The Ideal Tea Table Menu

Tea table menu should be very light and easy on the stomach, remember you don’t intend to serve dinner, but talk over little tit-bits. Do keep a sweetener – anything of a pastry, brownie and cookie would do, along with it you can serve mini sandwiches made with seasonal veggies. Some passionate tea connoisseurs also prefer having gourmet cheese alongside tea.


Choosing from the variety of Tea Types

Now that our prime concern is tea – you need to think on what kind of tea you want to serve, your choice being anything between- black tea, white tea, green tea, oolong tea, fruit flavored tea, mint tea and masala chai.

Point to Remember

Do note -The best way to prepare tea is to heat water in a metal kettle. Add tea leaves in desired amount and shut the lid. Pour out in cups in front of the guests.


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