Discussing Different Types of Tea & Their Health Benefits

A cup of tea can heal you, invigorate you, motivate you and more. Even those who aren’t ardent tea drinkers will agree that tea is a likable drink, a beverage that can lighten up mood and make you feel good from the inside.

Nepali woman in Sgarmatha National Park

Know the different Types of Tea

But we aren’t going to discuss how tea can heal your soul, rather in this article, our focus will be upon the varying benefits of different kinds of tea namely – black tea, green tea, White tea, oolong tea. If you haven’t heard of these kinds yet read thorough to know more about them –

Health Benefits from Drinking Tea

Before we come to the variety of tea types, a quick reminder about the health benefits of drinking tea are as follows

  • Tea contain beneficial anti-oxidants that can ward off cancer
  • Tea is good for the immune system as it provides immunity boost
  • Tea increases mental acuity and alertness
  • Tea combats stress hormones
  • Tea relaxes brain and brings about sleep

Discussing Tea Types –

White Tea-

If you are health conscious and want to cut down on caffeine intake then you should try white tea.  Rich in anti-oxidants white tea is least processed and has a light flavor.

Green Tea-

For relieving stress and to relax your body muscles try some Green Tea. Green tea has a natural, grassy, neutral flavor that is perfect for stress relief. Plus, it is not loaded with as much caffeine as black tea.

Oolong Tea-

Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea, a cross between green and black teas, which is widely prized for its digestive benefits. Oolong or Barley Tea is the perfect way to satisfy your thirst on a hot day. With ice, definitely.

Black Tea-

Black tea can substitute well for coffee as it contains that same perky caffeine aroma. Flavor wise black tea is strong and can reinvigorate your senses and get your mental gears functioning smoothly for the rest of the day.




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