Types Of Teas And Their Health Benefits

Tea is that type of addiction of which even doctors do not have an issue. This is because it is the only beverage which has dominated all other for over the last two hundred years. And this is simply because of its health benefits. There are cultures and communities that have grown around the tea cultivation. Most of us know that tea is the best refreshment drink. But it has a rich reserve of other compounds that facilitate our body to stay healthy.


Helps You To Fight Against Major diseases

Tea specially black tea and organic teas helps one to fight against the problems of cancer and heart diseases. The reason behind the psychology of the helping stress problems is that it relaxes the muscles and decreases the high pressure of the blood thus helping in less pressure on the heart. Flavonoids that are present in tea actually put up a strong resistance to cancer growing cells.


Those who go for green tea are aware of the health benefits because green tea compared to other types of tea flavours is not very tasty. But its benefits are huge. Firstly, it is rich in antioxidants which help to fight the signs of ageing. Even one cup of green tea each day can helps to reduce the risks of heart problems by ten percent. Besides it fights the growth of problems like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Green tea is also good for the hair. It helps to make the roots of the hair strong and prevents the growth of grey hair.

Black Tea

Check Your Cholesterol With Black Tea

Theaflavins and thearubigins are the two compounds that are present in high amount in black tea. These are also another kind of antioxidant which is primarily beneficial for those who have high amount of cholesterol. Cholesterol is the deposition of the fat on the arteries and this is prohibited by black tea.


Lose weight: Consume Oolong Tea

Those black tea leaves which are fermented for a comparatively short period are called Oolong tea. The biggest benefit of this tea is that it helps to dissolve the triglycerides which are present in fat cells, helps helping in quick weight loss.


Besides there is white tea which is also helpful to fight the problems related to cardio vascular problems. In overall tea which is consumed without milk is the best of its kind.



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