Organic Tea: What Is it All About?

There has been a lot of energy and refreshing drinks that are in vogue but none has been able to suppress the popularity of tea. Experts believe that the reasons are variant. Firstly, tea is a natural product and hence it is considered as healthy for the body, Secondly, it is fund in different varieties which overall caters the taste of almost all who want a regular beverage for the entire day. The last but not the least, tea is one beverage that almost all can afford. There are the expensive ones and there are the cost effective ones as well making it the best drink ever in generations. But there a special type of tea which is not usually in vogue in many families and that is organic tea. A huge amount of environmental and health awareness has given rise to this organic tea.


What Defines An Organic Tea

Organic tea can be any variety of tea that is produced in a completely natural method and excludes any use of chemicals or pesticides. The making of this kind of tea involves no use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, chemical food additives or regulators- a method of production which falls under organic agriculture. Hence the method is not only free of any pollution but is also very hygienic naturally. The method of organic production of tea has to conform to the standards laid down by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM). It is the Organic (natural) Food Certification Promulgated Organization that provides the final certification.


Organic Tea Has More Health Benefits

The reason why more and more people are going for organic tea is due to the fact that the benefits just do not lie only in the process. Natural tea usually has a coating of chemicals which helps to preserve tea leaves but is not friendly to the body. But Organic tea has no such coating. Moreover it has important vitamins, micro-nutrients, mineral and that too almost fifty percent more than natural tea. Moreover they are rich in polyphenols, which is a natural antioxidant. It helps to fight against those free radicals that damage the cells of our body.


Support Small Industries By Buying Organic Tea

There are many countries who promote organic tea as part of Fair Trade initiative. Organic tea plantation involves huge amount of manpower and the process is also lengthy and hence only small farms can produce it. Since the workers in these farms compared to those of natural tea farms produce comparatively less amount of tea in a stipulated time. Hence for those who want to promote these natural methods of production, should go for organic tea.

Organic tea is no doubt expensive but it is one of those kinds of tea that even children can drink. Moreover to get the right blend it is required in small amount hence if you think carefully, it is a cost effective investment.



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