English Tea: Snacks and Savoriness You Must have for an English Tea Party

The tea table ceremony was first developed by the British Victorians who had a taste for romance – be it any kind! To these Europeans, tea was one of the most delectable beverages, and mind it when they invited guests to tea parties it was a grand affair. Of the plates and the menus, tea was just a mere excuse to host memorable gatherings – it was them that started the tradition of laying out the tea table with fanciful, mouthwatering delicacies that best goes with the invigorating drink. Although we have come a long way down the timeline, even today tea remains an indispensable part of our daily life. It was following the tea table concept that we now indulge ourselves in kitty parties!


So in this article we will discuss some of the most yummilicious snacks and savories which are a must have in a tea party organized on English theme.

Sandwiches: sandwiches can be prepared in delightful flavours that are spicy, bland and sweet. Today we will discuss some of the rare yet delicious recipes that can add that extra xing to your happening tea parties and make you the talk of the town.

Chicken-Mandarin Orange

Chicken-Mandarin Orange

This tasty chicken-mandarin orange spread sandwich is a hot favorite item at tea parties. It is the perfect appetizer – healthy and good to eat and is quite sumptuous a meal. This sandwich which contains raisin bread slices and mandarin organde mousse offers a plateful of different flavors. This can be served as the main dish with tea or can be served with desserts as chocolate pastries and pineapple tart.



The name means “little mouthfuls”. From the Cuban kitchen this menu can be prepared with a variety of breads, anything that you would personally prefer. The most preferred mixture or paste for the sandwich is prepared with turkey, cheese cream and jam. Its not that you cannot experiment with the recipe, but its better to keep to the original flavor if you want to delight your guests with Bocaditos.


Cheese cake

One of the commonest menus that you will find favorite to many British is a cheese cake or a jam tarter. To them no tea party is complete without a piece of cheese cake. Cheese cake is not a sweet dish it has a very tangerish kind of taste that enhances the feel good factor of seeping vintage tea flavors.



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