How to Make a Perfect Cup of Tea


“A cup of tea, well made can help me get over my woes!”

-Alisan Modre a renowned television star once commented; and there are many who lives by this golden rule of beating down life’s worry with a perfect cup of tea. If you are a tea connoisseur and have a taste for vintage flavors picked from around the world then you got to know how to brew the perfect tea.

Brewing a good cup of tea is not rocket science true, rather it is an art. An art practiced and improved through 100 years of tea making. Infact if you go around the world you will be amazed by the number of tea ceremonies performed across the globe. Japan has the most celebrated tea rituals called chanoyu where families get together and exchange pleasantries over a cup of tea – therefore you see tea is more than a popular beverage.

If you want to tide over your drowsiness, want to get invigorated and do away with all negativities in life then learn to make a perfect cup of tea – a strong cup of tea is all you need to kick start your day!

  • Buy some India or Ceylonese tea. You can either buy the flavoured leaves or original tea leaves without artificial aromas. If you are a health conscious person then go with green tea.
  • Choosing the right teapot is also an important part of making tea. The best options available here are china or earthenware.
  • Make tea in small quantities – maximum six persons at a time.
  • Heat the teapot on a hob and then pour mild warm water into it. Let the warmth of the teapot heat the water inside.
  • It’s a bad idea to boil the tea leaves over oven fire. Doing so might ruin the actual tea essence and render the drink as bland and sour.
  • Stir the teapot and allow the tea to settle down at the bottom of the teapot.
  • If using milk, then boil the milk beforehand and set aside. In the teapot add the milk and serve.
  • Porcelain cups are the best options in which you can have your favourite drink. In China and Japan there are special saucers / bowls which are tea drinking utensils.

Tea drinking has a feel good factor about it, whether you are in a hurry or relaxing tea is always a much sought after companion even for the loners. So take up a good cup of tea and drink life to the lees.

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