Organic Tea – A Brief Overview

Our mornings do not start until we dip our lips into that hot cup of tea. The tinkering of the spoon against the soft china cups is like that soothing alarm clock that wakes us up without actually scaring us. Tea is that healthy drink that not only helps kick start our mornings but also it sets us in the direction of a healthy wake up call. Yes, tea not only stirs our senses, it also makes our body healthy because of some very useful ingredients.

There is a strange debate regarding tea and coffee as to which one is a better beverage. Often, coffee wins over tea because of its caffeine content. It is true that you may prefer coffee over tea, especially when the nerves weaken and artificial booster is needed. it must be remembered that coffee has 3 times more caffeine content than tea. While it helps boost up our energy and work efficiency and concentration it on the other hand also does a lot of damage to our bodies. This does not happen in case of tea. Tea, especially organic, has a number of points which makes it worthy to drink.


Organic tea agriculture deals with ecological management of production that enhances and promotes biological cycles, biodiversity and activities that fall under the category of biological activity. The use of chemicals and other pesticides are kept to minimum if not zero. As a result the organic tea leaves that we consume directly do not have any harmful ingredients or chemicals in it. These not only help to restore ecological balance and harmony but also ensure a healthy bodily growth. This is something which coffee or other non organic tea can never give you.


The Many Advantages Of Organic Tea

  • Organic tea has a number of advantages. One such advantage is that it improves our immunity system. Our natural immunity system gets strengthened with every sip of organic tea
  • Metabolism of the body improves. This leads to a lot of fat burn as well. Thus helping you lose weight massively. Thus drinking organic tea is beneficial in a lot of ways and losing weight and improving metabolism is one of them.
  • Organic tea helps fight cancer. Tea has the capability of fighting deadly diseases such as cancer. It kills the cancerous cells and stops its growth.

Thus organic tea is a must have if you want to expand your span of good living.


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