Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Tea has a number of benefits. From catering to your skin to bones to your intelligent quotient, little did you know that a sip of tea could contain so many benefits? But better late than never! If you are wondering why switch to tea, then its simple! Read through the important benefits of tea below to understand how tea can help you live a better life!


Caffeine Content is Less – Often we tend to compare tea with coffee and opine that coffee keeps our nerves more alert! but then don’t miss out on the important knowledge that a cup of tea only contains 30 to 40 mg of caffeine, while coffee contains 135 mg  of caffeine. So if you are having trouble sleeping or having headaches for no reason you know what to do, switch to tea!

Tea And Antioxidants Keep You Young – Tea, specially green and black, has antioxidants that can shield your body from the ravages of time. In other word, tea has ingredients that can make one look younger and energized.

Makes Your Bones Strong – Green tea has wonderful medical properties that can actually lead to stronger bones. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2009, reports, that chemicals present in green tea prevents formation of bone decaying cells called osteoclasts.

Tea Helps You Lose Weight – Green tea especially has fat absorbing chemicals in them. Also the caffeine properties present in tea helps absorb much of that unwanted fat from bodies and improves digestion and metabolism.

Tea Gives You Great Teeth And Smile – Yes it does. Tea has fluoride which toughens the enamel of the teeth thus making it stronger and whiter. The end result? – You just simply can’t stop smiling.

Well, the above were some of the benefits of tea and it doesn’t end there. Why not start drinking tea from today to get a hang of all the benefits of tea! You’ll be experiencing it first hand without me telling you, isn’t that great?


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